Audit of procedures is an effective tool for continuous improvement.

Audits of procedures examined about the company’s business practices are consistent with the previously established and documented requirements which the company is subject, in accordance with applicable international standards. Whether found consistent documented procedures and facts will in any good audit could be proposed / recommendations for improvement.

All processes are dynamic and should periodically be mapped and analyzed. Therefore, it is natural to let it take place in connection with the audit, which requires the holding of procesaudit and not just a audit to verify compliance with procedures.

The situation is different if the deviations in the form of inconsistencies in relation to the management of the system described, in accordance with the requirements defined in the applicable standard. This will trigger a ‘NC’ – Non Compliance, documented in a deviation report and nødvendigøre implementation of corrective and preventive measures.

This illustrates the value inherent in organizing audits as a condition for you continually review the system and its efficiency by aligning business processes. The management system is dynamic and continuously evolving like any other process. Unfortunately, it is far from all who have recognized the value inherent in the use of audit as an effective tool to illuminate processes but solely base it on facts consistent with what is laid down in the applicable procedures.

It is comparable to that every day you drive the same route on the way to work. The tour lasts approx. 35 mins. You know the route and it has become accustomed to, and have an aversion to do other than the familiar. One day you are informed that you can benefit from running a different path that takes only 20 minutes. What would you choose? 🙂

Please contact the Quality Consultant for the performance of an audit and or mapped processes, not only to check if everything is ‘In Compliance’, but especially to clarify the processes and made suggestions for improvements. Audits are carried out both within the company and at suppliers.

Lead Auditor Certificate