What is Coaching?

Coaching can in all its simplicity be defined, as:

A method that through a process opens up the individual’s full potential, thereby areas of strength developing takes place.

Coaching develops the individual’s behavior and the learning process is crucial to the way the future being created.

Coaching is about:

  • To help others to find what they want, what prevents them from achieving it and help them to achieve this in an efficient, honest and funny way
  • To discover and exploit its full potential
  • To get the person to take action and get him or her to see and recognize what he or she not could before.
  • To focus on exactly what the person wants now and in the future.

Coaching is a proven and results-driven process helping you changing life and lead you where you want to be, or teach you how to change behavior and act differently.

Coaching is a method that through a customized process opened to other people’s potentials. This allows the client to develop and realize their own personal potential, actions, attitudes and personal goals.

Coaching is basically about starting up a development or change process. The Coach challenges and disturbs, which is important since many often find it difficult even to get started, set goals, hold on and finish with success. With the help of a coach who has a professional knowledge and skills, most people far more easily defined and implemented their goals.

Coaching is also about personal growth, where the dialogue that takes place between coach and client, results in a deeper insight and understanding of the focus person’s own previous elections. This gives the client the opportunity to make new choices at a higher level, providing new and better meaning, while setting a learning process.

Coaching operates on the emotional level, challenges the emotional intelligence and identified obstructions such as anger and fear, loosing up, and most importantly, supports the change.

Coaching is about asking the right questions so that the clients even identify the correct answers.

The Coach’s role is to be observant, provocative and understanding intermediary, by the use of questioning techniques, feedback, listening examples, information and reflections.