Growth Drive is based on Blue Ocean Strategy way of thinking.

Growth Drive method aims to launch an intensive development process to create 1-3 thoughtful and significant growth initiatives in the company.

Ahead is based on the survey, interviews and analysis, initiatives identified from a structured review of the 5 key areas:

1 Management Growth Drive
2 Products, services and product and service development
3 Sales and marketing
4 Current and potential customers
5 The competitive situation

Based on interviews and surveys covered all areas. The method identifies and visualizes areas where there is potential for growth. Against this background, it will be possible to determine which growth initiatives that add the most value to the company.

Illustration of the areas seen as divided into color-coded: Red, Yellow and Green

The colors are chosen based on traffic lights symbolism:


Growth Drive is suitable for boosting the company’s market development.
• More focused efforts
• Better coordinated effort; management, sales and products
• Remove imbalances in action
• Open eyes to new possibilities
• Expanding the number of ‘responsible growth’ in the company
• Increase the speed of innovation
• Achieve market results in a short time