How reversing the negative aura in the Financial sector?

Danish Bank tried … but stumbled. ‘New Standards’ did not have the exactly positive reception in the market, as intended. Immediately was New Standards a breath of fresh air, and certainly an issue that still has its place, more than ever before!

New Standards would have had a much more solid foundation if focus instead had been focused on the use of international standards.

Especially I am thinking of the flagships of the Danish Business, for example. Novo Nordisk A/S, WDH A/S, LEGO A/S. etc. which all are certified according to DS/EN ISO 9001 Quality Management and also focuses on risk management in all its forms.
Essentially when a company operates not only the Danish market, but especially internationally, in order to maintain and expand its position in the global competition.

The reality is ‘New Standards’, or rightfully International standards.
Through visible international profile in the global community we are all a part of.
In addition, it is a brilliant way to illustrate that not only Danish Bank, but the entire financial sector puts ‘New Standards’ for the way of doing financial business. Customer satisfaction is paramount, both in terms of individual customers, large and small, as to stakeholders and Shareholders.

Through auditing of business processes in all branches both at home and abroad, is Best Bets saved. Execution and sustained awareness on the implementation of value-added improvement initiatives identified during the audit, the professionalisation of the financial sector restored confidence and credibility with all stakeholders.

Just to mention a few standards for optimizing the strategy:


DS/EN ISO  9001:2008  Quality Management
DS/EN ISO 19001:2003  Audit
DS/EN ISO 31000:2009  Risk Management


In this way, Re-branding of both Danish Bank as the rest of the financial sector will be set in the right stages.

Not to mention the value inherent in achieving better ‘funding’, equivalent to the trust private enterprises achieve from the global export market.

Trust and credibility is the cornerstone, which will be achieved through standardization and its management of all business processes with a focus on continuous improvement.

Only in this way will it be possible to improve competitiveness.

Optimal and efficient management + value-creating improvements achieved through proper implementation of corrective / preventive actions. Not to mention the ongoing evaluation of senior management with predefined and fixed intervals.

Especially reports from the internal audit are an excellent tool for ongoing evaluation…