Quality Management / Kaizen


The foundation of quality management based on continuous improvement = KAIZEN

KAIZEN is Japanese and means ‘improvement’, a management philosophy in quality when it comes to constantly make small improvements to constantly improve competitiveness!

KAIZEN is about evolution and not revolution. Small steps in the right direction rather than major changes that overturns the entire organization every six months.

KAIZEN is an ongoing process that should involve employees at all levels of the organization daily.

One thing is thinking mind – quite another to realize their benefits and anchor KAIZEN in the company’s daily operations and culture. In addition to the general barriers in the form of resistance to change KAIZEN is about people and corporate culture, and the result of continuous improvement leading to changes work procedures and processes. To fulfill the value of KAIZEN it is recommended to combine continuous improvement with LEAN.

Good KAIZEN leads to ongoing changes in employee tasks and processes and to maintain the momentum of the LEAN process and to avoid the new processes only leads to more errors, it is imperative that these be supported quickly and effectively with such a high degree of automation, self-service and decentralization as possible, which is rarely feasible in traditional standard systems.

When it manages to get everyone in the organization to think in small improvements every day, the value of the quality system/management tool is really understood! That is why it is important to involve all employees and especially during audits listen to their proposals concerning improvements, which will help to anchor the quality mindset by everyone and may give an indication that the management philosophy are understood and recognized.