The 3 ways to develop the business

  • Optimizing/improving processes
  • Create outward Growth
  • New business model – both new process and new customers markets

The three ways are connected, only the tools are different!

Focus on sales, strategy, right time and timely dedication and diligence.

  1. Make a short time status on five growth initiatives
  2. Active participation from key people
  3. Costomize the project plan ; check questions
  4. Get the preview diagrams/flowcharts emerged from reports
  5. Visual representation of corporate status “into the future”
  6. New initiatives launched NOT until ready
  7. Continuous follow-up on agreed action !

PHASE 1: Eye opener

  • Taking stock
  • Find attractive, overlooked and undervalued opportunities
  • Common Process – Growth center
  • The pool of internal contributors increased – better commitment
  • Homework and meetings; facts and discussions
  • Documented and visible on readily available boards
  • 1-3 actions decided

Management Growth Drive: Are we targeted and adequately to the forefront?

Products and Product Development: At what products do we ear ou money and what should we focus on in the future?

Sales and marketing: Is the sales process optimally adapted to the opportunities that exist today?

Competition: Can we commit against our competitors and do we have a strong profile?

PHASE 2: Preparation

The target is to increase the success rate of the new initiatives

Different content e.g.:

  • Remove obstacles before new initiatives set in motion
  • Further assessment of options e.g. new markets
  • Design and develop sales materials
  • Provide new employee
  • Competence development
  • Growth coaching of the management team

PHASE 3: Initiative

The most important are:

  • Implementation of the 1-3 market-oriented growth projects
  • Take the direct route – harvest the “lowst hanging frut” at first = success
  • Larger and more complex growth initiatives

 Eye opener – Preparation – Initiative