How to ensure growth and what drives growth?

The fact that a company growths does not necessarily mean that there are seen a healthy profit, unfortunately …

“If you can not beat your Competitors simply join them or even better buy them out”.

Who do not know this expression? The more important it is to avoid getting into such situation.

“Do not compete with rivals – make them irrelevant”

Only through due diligence, determining the right strategy included measurable objectives and of course sustaining focus on business processes, the company will succeed to stay abreast of developments and being an future proof business.

Growth Drive is as international standards a tool who in a simple and straightforward manner, indicates the areas in companies to be investigated, where to find basis for optimization and further growth.

Instead of focus on ALARM areas (red area), look at the areas that prove to be effective (green area). Here’s something that really ‘plays’, managed perfectly !

What happens, what is it that works so well? All employees thrive, are innovative and generates almost never made mistake of any kind? Transfer these objective evidences of excellent performance to other areas of the company, where analysis shows that there is room for improvement.

Sharing knowledge across the organization promoted through communication and dialogue, timely information to staff on all matters which are relevant for their daily work.

• Does the company have the right strategy?
• Is the strategy well known among all employees throughout the organization?
• How does we ensure continuously information on development in the company?
• How about the collaboration cross departments?

Happy and satisfied employees drives the growth. The employees are the most important ressource of the company, without them no production or service, and without production or services no company.

Growth Drive derived from Blue Ocean and characterizes a market without competitors, because the way the company works, simply is unique as well as their products/services are.